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Bringing Chaos to the North

It's that magical time of year again when we travel to Penn High School's Carnival of Bands Invitational!

This year we are the first Class B band and we are prepared to set the tone for the rest of Class B! The schedule is below!
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DeKalb Home Show- Disney for a Day

Below is the schedule for OUR home show. Please make a note where you & your students should be and at what times. EVERYONE helps at the end of the night to clean up from the invitational. If our entire family pitches in the faster we ALL go home. The school will look better than how we received it, this has been & will always be our motto. You students also have assignments throughout the day. Please be sure to talk to them.

Should you have any questions please contact Mrs. Lank
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Chaos begins September 8th @ 9:04 pm!

Chaos begins September 9th @ 9:04 pm! Let's make sure the ENTIRE Brigade Family is there! Please checkout the schedule posted below. Your students will have a rehearsal prior to leaving, a hot DELICIOUS meal, then a performance of EPIC proportions!
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ACD Parade

Please read the meeting location and time CAREFULLY! We want to make sure you can get there early enough before the streets are blocked.
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